The Perms are Making a Huge Comeback!

Get your bold and sexy curls!

Do you remember when perming was used to be in style? Now PERMS is making its comeback! But, don’t judge too fast ladies, because they are better than the 80’s trend. Perms or commonly called permanent curls can create different styles from afro curls to generous waves by using Digital perm technique or Japanese perm technique. One Piece Hair Studio by Hisato, a Japanese International hair salon, offers various types of perming which will be suited to your face shape; C-wave, Japanese Perm, Digital Perm, Digiclip Perm, Special Perm, Up Move which will be elaborated more in our next article. Stay tuned!

How to start the happy process?

Firstly, it’s better to consult with your hairstylist before perming. Why? Because not all types of perm will suit your look. Good perm is depending on the condition of your hair, scalp, face shape, hair length, lifestyle, and also your style preference after perming. At the end, none of us want to have bad hair days, right? That’s why, advance consulting with experts is highly recommended to find the best perming style for you. Actually, this is the same thing when you want to style color your hair.

Secondly, to get an optimal result, your hair should be in a good condition and have never experienced any styling process in order to avoid frizzy hair or even dry hair. But no worries, because One Piece hairstylist will do pre-perming process by taking a sample of your hair and apply perm solution to see the reaction. Once your hair is cleared passed this process then you will have perming with the suitable dose of chemicals and get your fabulous hair! The main process itself can take quite some time from 2 – 5 hours. It depends on your hair length and your hair condition.

Finally, cost wise. For this kind of optimum perming method you might need to dig a bit deeper in to your wallet but with confidence. So, why not investing confidently with a valuable perming instead? Interested? Come and visit us directly at One Piece Hair Studio by Hisato’s outlets in Jakarta area now. And, no need to doubt our hair stylists, because each of them are personally trained by the One Piece Hair Art Director Hisato-san himself and only our reliable hair stylist can apply perm techniques subjectively to your hair and look with good results.

So, what are you waiting for then? Say goodbye to hours of curling and blow-drying, because doing nothing is actually in!

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